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Third-party Inspection – Malaysia Cooking Oil Exporters

Guaranteed Quality, every shipment, every container. Period.

insp_logoWith rich industry experience of more than 17 years, we consider quality control to be important to our business and we have implemented quality control measures at various stages of our production and operation processes. These measures seek to ensure that the quality of our products satisfy the expectations of our customers and achieve industry standards.

Our quality control starts at the commencement of the supply chain. Raw materials such as crude palm, lauric and soft oils received at refineries are subject to stringent quality checks. We have invested in laboratory equipment, and are able to carry out quality control tests quickly at high levels of accuracy and reliability. We have written procedures and working instructions for the quality checks we undertake on the supplies we receive, the raw materials we process, the storage of raw materials and finished products and the distribution of our products, which our quality control staff must comply with.


To further solidify customer’s trust in our products, we use services of SGS (Societe General de Surveillance) & Bureau Veritas to inspect each shipment being made to our customers. Inspection performed by SGS & Bureau Veritas covers compliance of quality of goods being shipped as per contractual obligation between HAS Oils & Fats Sdn Bhd and its esteemed customers.

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