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RBD Palm Olein Exporters from Malaysia

Best Vegetable Cooking Oil (RBD Palm Olein) at competitive prices

Refined, Bleached & Deodorised (RBD) Palm Olein is obtained from fractionating refined palm oil to separate liquid parts (olein) from solid parts (stearin). RBD palm olein is used as cooking oil as well as frying oil for food industries such as salad and cooking oils in households, industrial frying fat of instant noodles, potato chips, doughnuts, condensed milk, snack food and ready-to-eat food. It is also used as a raw material for margarine and shortening.


RBD Palm Olein is cholesterol-free and contains vitamin D and E. It has high stability to oxidation and is nutritionally healthy with a balanced composition. Emulsifying agents may be added along with permitted colors, flavors and other ingredients as desired to suit final product application.

HAS Oils & Fats Sdn Bhd produces SuperChef brand of RBD Palm Olein and offers the following grades for export from Malaysia:

RBD Palm Olein CP10
RBD Palm Olein CP10 Suppliers of Vegetable Cooking Oil from Malaysia
RBD Palm Olein CP6
RBD Palm Olein CP6 Suppliers of Malaysia RBD Super Palm Olein IV60, Cloud Point 6
RBD Palm Olein CP8
RBD Palm Olein CP8 Malaysia RBD Super Palm Olein CP8, Cloud Point 8

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